Frequently Asked Questions  
Do I need Internet access to use your system?
No you do not. We can send you updates and payment notifications via fax, email or postal service. We do however, require you have a fax machine or email address for instant notification. A monthly transaction report is also mailed to you. Having internet access is a real bonus, because you can view up to the minute payments from your renters/clients.
Is there a demo for me to try out?
You can demo our system with your own personal account. We allow you use our full system FREE, YES FREE. This includes receiving payments from your renters or clients (a signed agreement is required for this feature). No obligation. All we ask is that you keep track of the time and money we save you during your trial period, and tell us about it.
Can I use your system myself to process a credit card or check payment?
You sure can. Click on the make payment link(Make Payment) from our home page, Press the continue button, enter your account Id and follow the instructions. Be sure to get the approval of your client or renter before entering their banking or credit card information on our system. NSF checks are charged a $25 NSF fee.
How do I know who has paid me?
When you set up an account you can add or change authorized users preference to receive payment notifications. We send out payment notification based on user preferences setup for your account. You can setup to one user to receive notification instantly, another weekly and another monthly. Notification could be by fax or email(our preferred response is email for faster service). We also send you a monthly transaction statement, categorize by buildings addresses and apartment/storage unit number(if you are a landlord) or by services(for other businesses).
Better yet, login to your account view up to the minute payment transactions, and generate your own report.
How is your service fee charged?
We charge a convinience fee for check or credit card processing(see account information ). You can setup your account to accept all, any, or none of these charges. Service fees are deducted from the amount we deposit to your account. Otherwise, the service fee is charged to your payers. To find out how majority of your competitors are setting up their accounts email
What credit cards are accepted?
At this time we only accept MasterCard and Visa.
In What states are you doing business, and what countries can use your services?
We do business anywhere within the continental USA. We plan to offer our services to Canada and UK soon.

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