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Please ensure that your payment is submitted before the specified cutoff times to avoid any delays in processing and penalty for late payments. E-Check Payments received before 7:00 PM CST will process the next business day. Credit/Debit Card Payments received before 9:00 PM CST will process the next business day. Payments can take up to 48 hours to post to your City of Urbana Utility Billing account.
By registering for our payment service, you can:
  • Pay by checking/ savings/ credit card
  • Checking/Savings include a $1.10 fee.
  • Credit/Debit include a 3.0% fee. An additional fee of 50¢ is applied for payments below $100.
  • Pay by PayPal / PayPal Credit / Venmo
  • PayPal brands include a 3.0% fee.
  • Make payments in 3, quick steps
  • View electronic payment history
  • View balance due
  • Manage multiple billing accounts
  • Set up Auto-Pay, recurring payments
  • Save payment methods
  • And more